Unclaimed Funds

Each year, billions of dollars in unclaimed funds are “lost” by the rightful owners across the world. With our dedicated teams of professional researchers we have recovered millions or dollars garnished by government departments and hidden by large organisations from unsuspecting owners. 

We have a proud history of reuniting people with their unrecovered and misslook. As such, we are committed to ensuring that these funds are returned to the rightful owners.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Finance has created a pool of unclaimed money due to the consumers are unaware of its closure or they do not know who to contact to retrieve their money or funds.
Thus, the bad debts and unclaimed money issues are now being observed seriously by the Ministry of Finance and the ministry has set the key performance index (KPI) to monitor and measure the strategies for handling the issues.

That's Why We Are Here

We are SBS CONSULTING RESOURCES, a professional service provider for Unclaimed Money incorporated on since 2020 with our main objective being to create the awareness to as many as possible & assist clients for claim their unclaimed monies from Government.

For your info, Registrar of Unclaimed moneys has more than RM 40 billion of unclaimed money accumulated over the years, and millions are added every year. The Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965 requires businesses to send to the govern cent a report on any unclaimed moneys in their possession. 

Unclaimed money can be in the form of dormant bank account monies, share dividends, life insurance policies, unclaimed wages and EPF contributions.